Cabin in the Woods by At26

Erratic Cabin in the Woods of Calm Slovakian Countryside

Do you love exploring untamed natural places that truly describe the beauty of nature? But, the problem with such remote places is that even basic necessities for a living are not available there. To give campers a comfortable place to live in the middle of serene forest landscape of Piešťany in Slovakia, the architectural firm at26 has designed an irregular-shaped cabin.

This bizarre cabin will be nestled in beautiful countryside, overlooking the nearby lake. The exterior of the cabin is covered in black metal to naturally blend with the surrounding landscape. On the other hand, the interior of the cabin is lined in wood including a cozy bed and other furnishings required for comfy living.

It is designed specially to offer privacy as well as tranquility to the inhabitants, meanwhile provides closeness to nature. The project’s construction started last year and estimated to be complete by March 2015.

This will certainly be an amazing holiday spot for adventure lovers. Have a look at the images given below to find out more about its aesthetics.

Cabin in the Woods by At26

Exterior made from black metal to blend with the surrounding landscape

Cabin in the Woods by At26

Interior is lined in wood with all necessary furnishings

Cabin in the Woods by At26

Offers a great place to stay comfortably while interacting with nature

Cabin in the Woods by At26

It offers a private and tranquil space to visitors

Credit: Archello

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