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Espace Loggia mobile bed

Espace Loggia mobile bed with deft space saving features

It is good to know that spatial efficiency always doesn’t sacrifice on the decorative side of space saving furniture. This righteous trend is aptly upheld by the Espace Loggia ceiling beds, a furniture conception that brings out the best of two worlds – murphy beds and loft beds.

Core functionality of the design alludes to the saving of space within your bedroom or living room. This is achieved by a pretty simple mechanism; during regular times, the bed can be easily lifted towards the ceiling to make space for conventional furniture items like shelves, dressers and chairs. And, when you are tired enough to hit the sack, you can just as easily bring the bed down, after folding back the items along the wall.

According to the company, the Espace Loggia ceiling beds are built with superior structural specifications that are tailored to its usage pattern and arrangement. The design is furthermore adaptable to your apartment or residence’s ceiling height.

This feature notches on the ‘concealment’ factor, thus allowing decor enthusiasts to utilize the advantage of the bed for various spatial zones within their home (ranging from high ceiling living room to low ceiling loft spaces).

And, finally as the crucial attribute of convenience related to usage, the Espace Loggia ceiling beds totally eschew those step requirements that are needed to climb onto a regular loft bed.

Like we mentioned before, these beds can be accessed from the ground level, which certainly negates your fear of climbing to a certain height (and that too within your own bedroom).

As for availability and buying details, you can check out this link.

Espace Loggia mobile bed

Espace Loggia mobile bed

Espace Loggia mobile bed

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