Ethan Schlussler's bike powered elevator

Ethan Schlussler’s DIY bike powered elevator for his treehouse

Ethan Schlussler's bike powered elevator

When it comes to modern day treehouses, the scope is not limited to your backyard refuge nestled precariously on the familiar large tree. Some designers and DIYers have gone out of their way to design conceptions that are advanced on the visual level as well as technological level. However, in this post, it is not the treehouse that is in the limelight, but rather the ingenious means by which the treehouse is accessed. Sandpoint (in Idaho) resident Ethan Schlussler has resourcefully devised his very own bike powered elevator to reach at the top of his perched kingdom. And, boy does he do that in a buoyantly geeky style!

Ethan Schlussler's bike powered elevator

According to the DIY designer, he had grown tired of manually climbing his treehouse ‘six and a half million times a day’. So, he decided on a bold project of building a full fledged personal elevator that would be powered by pedaling a bike. Of course, all of these wasn’t achieved in a day; Schlussler did have to make a few modifications to his elevator mechanism that would control the speed of his jaunty ascent. The adroit tinkering included the salvaging of the large sprocket from the bike’s front section and wielding it to the rear section for a low speed gear.

Ethan Schlussler's bike powered elevator

Now given our fascination for treehouses, we couldn’t shy away from the actual treehouse in this whole DIY scope. The structure uniquely showcases a hexagonal shape with some deft support components (that also play their part in the bike powered elevator). As for the elevator contrivance itself, you can gleefully gawk at the video below to appreciate the mechanism’s effectiveness.

Via: ThisisCollosal

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