Ethanol based exquisite fireplace crafted from steel and stone

Stone remains as one of humanity’s enduring building materials, both in essence of its usage pattern and durability. And it is this fascinating quality of the beautiful yet imposing material that is being upheld by the Step ethanol fireplace by Cactose. Composed from 16 elegant tiles of black or colored natural slate, this gorgeous circular conception is specifically designed to be ‘hung’ on your wall facades.

Form-wise, those exquisite stone panels are set atop a sturdy steel rim, which is also circular (with a lesser diameter) in its bearing. This structural design consideration makes the fireplace easy to be mounted on your interior walls. However, beyond just the practicality of setting up the fireplace, it is the visual aesthetics of the whole scope that would really entice the potential user.

In this regard, stone emerges as the crucial component that endows that antediluvian charm along with some artistic quality. According the creators, each tile piece is unique in the sense that it is ‘painted’ by nature, and thus the texture and shades will always be variant in their composition. Furthermore, the visual magnitude of the 30 kg fireplace is novel even without the crackling fire inside the contraption. This sort of doubles it up as a wall hanged sculpture, which ultimately enhances upon the ambit of your home decor.

Price: €1,649 ($2,197)

Via: Muenkel

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