Ettore ProGrip Window Cleaning Kit

Ettore ProGrip Window Cleaning Kit

For all the moms and ladies out there, who love to clean their windows by themselves, Ettore has brought a professional grade Progrip Window Cleaning Kit for you. The kit comprises a 12-inch Progrip squeegee and a 10-inch washer. The Progrip squeegee features a silicon rubber that ensures windows look spotless and streak free. It’s neatly cut square edges dry glass perfectly clean.

Looking through dirty windows is not something that can be appreciated, it is largely like looking through dirty glass. Different marks, fingerprints, grease spots, and smudges on the glass are unsightly and they make the entire appearance of the home look dull. With the Progrip window cleaning kit handy, you can clean across all windows of the house very effortlessly and ensure that the glasses look perfectly clean and have a streak-free shine.

Ergonomic, non-slip handles and comfortable rubberized grip makes using the Progrip cleaning kit very easy and efficient to use. If you have a lady in your life who likes to clean their windows every month or so on their own, the Progrip cleaning kit will make a great gift for them.

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