Europe’s first zero-footprint 3D printed building to kick off in 2017

Luxury Dutch Hotel De Slaapfabriek from Teuge is planning to build Europe’s first zero-footprint 3D printed building. The construction process of this energy-efficient conference location will kick off in July 2017, and could be completed within just ten days time span. This building will include twelve rooms, which will be available to clients for their business meetings or conferences.

The new environmentally-friendly conference will be located is in Teuge, The Netherlands, as it is one of the busiest places where honeymoon couples and business clients visit quite often. The concept for the structure was revealed during the Dutch Construction Hackathon in May 2016. During the event, various startups and innovators from the construction industry worked together to pioneer ‘smart solutions’.

Finally, the owners, Marjo and Arvid, were impressed by the unique design that’s created by designer Hugo Jager of Revelating. This 3D printed building is not only based on technology but is also aiming to reduce construction wastage by 70-percent.

Moreover, the designers and architects are planning to keep construction energy neutral, and to 3D print the building structure with recycled waste materials. If successful, this will become the first 3D printed zero-footprint structure in Europe.

But the only obstacle that’s coming in their path is the building costs, which are expected to reach around €375,000 (approximately $420,000). Hopefully, stakeholders will come up with an appropriate solution to construct this eco-friendly 3D printed building in Europe.


Europe’s first zero-footprint 3D printed building


It will be made from recycled 3D printed materials


Interior of the conceptual zero-footprint 3D printed building

Via: 3Ders

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