EverBlock: Fun bricks turn your imagination into a life-sized creation

Lego bricks are the coolest creation on this planet, allowing both children and adults to give shape to their imagination. Frequently, we keep updating your knowledge about new creations inspired by age-old Lego bricks game. But now with the help of EverBlock, larger versions of Lego blocks, you can turn your imagination into life-sized creations for day-to-day use.

A set of Everblock comprises of few modular-building blocks that are large enough to facilitate construction of different objects like coffee table, room divider, seating unit, dining table, study table, and many more. All you need is the ability to construct and few pieces of real-sized versions of modular building blocks.

Just like traditional Lego blocks, EverBlock pieces are designed to be stacked over one another without any need of additional tools or adhesives. This means you can form colorful decor objects to practical furniture units with these plastic blocks.

Using these customizable fun blocks, you can create infinite number of objects from conventional furniture units to a tiny playhouse for your kids. The best thing about these colorful construction units is that you can reshape any piece of furniture when you feel it’s not required anymore. Thus, there’s no need of buying new furniture and cluttering your living space unnecessarily.

So give new wings to your imagination and splash some vibrant colors into your abode using these colorful modular units. The different sets of EverBlock ranging from $5 to $155 can be purchased online from the official website. Head over here to get some idea how these modular units can be rearranged to build different furniture pieces.


Contrasting coffee table


Minimalist dining table


Vibrant sofa for indoor or outdoor space of your home


Modular storage unit for kids’ room


Colorful garden wall


Room divider (left), and study table (right)

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