McIntosh turntable

Experience a pleasurable sound of vinyl on MT5 Precision Turntable

McIntosh turntable

If you are a huge fan of retro music and love the rich sound of vinyl then you might not like to play your favorite piece of classical music on the old and almost broken record player that takes up space in the garage. For you, and all those vinyl lovers, stereo designer McIntosh have designed and released the MT5 Precision Turntable that gives the classic record a true and dynamically appealing sound.

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Every part of the McIntosh MT5 precision turntable equates the company standards delivering excellent performance. The turntable is equipped with a high performance platter and motor drive assembly, precision tone arm and a high output moving coil cartridge, which is compatible with the moving magnetic equipments. The bright light produced by the magnetically suspended platter gives the turntable a gorgeous appearance.

All parameters required for a perfect playback including tracking force, cartridge overhang and anti-skate force are pre-adjusted when manufactured.  The one and a half inch thick platter with a magnetic drive motor, spins the vinyl and produces the expected pleasurable sound. Although the construction of the MT5 precision Turntable is precise, the resulting setup is relatively simple and easy.

McIntosh styling is retained by the MT5 precision turntable with a body material that suppresses noise and resonance and bring about only the soft sound that is on the vinyl record. The device comes long with a clear dust cover that protects the magnetic moving parts and also your record. An additional feature of the device is that it is compatible with any McIntosh preamplifier. This awesome device is priced $6,500 and only after listening to your favorite classical piece you can say that the turntable is totally worth it!

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