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Experience rainstorm in hot summers with Punto e Basta Shower

Are you planning to upgrade your bathroom and swimming pool shower? Don’t look anywhere else because we have got an interesting piece of shower that will instantly increase the appeal of your bathroom or swimming pool area.

Michela Ferrari and Luca Sacchetti collectively designed a shower named Punto e Basta, which is gracefully designed using two halves, one big and one small along with a steel arch. Shower’s curvy and shining look makes it suitable for well-heeled people who like to experience realistic rainstorm.

The designers used big sphere to make shower’s pedestal, and used a small one to make shower’s top. The shining steel arch connects the two halves and makes it looks like one, and the water that flows downward to the big base halve looks visually aesthetic. Base sphere is made of non-slippery marble and its bowl-like look adds a charm to the entire shower.

A rain showerhead will give you a downpour like experience while bathing. You will also not feel chocked, as you can anytime control different soothing water pressures according to your desire.

Installing this beautiful looking shower will lend a visible difference to your bathroom, outdoors or the swimming area.

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A rain showerhead

Shower by Michela Ferrari and Luca Sacchetti

Punto e Basta Shower’s full view

A rain showerhead will give you a downpour like experience

Punto e Basta Shower

Via: IdihaDesign

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