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Recreation House

Façade of this recreation house comes with movable window shutters

Netherlands-based architecture firm Zecc in partnership with interior designers Roel van Norel has constructed a recreation house nestled in the rural area of Utrecht. Focusing on the smallest details of architecture and interior designing, the house that replaces an existing garden uses its foundation and existing contours.

It’s a contemporary cottage with gable roof made from stone slate, a chimney and wood cladding made using Western Red Cedar. A simple architecture that seamlessly blends into the surrounding landscape, the one side of this cottage is equipped with movable horizontal shutters that reveal all glass walls. Opening towards the garden, the facade not only invite sunlight inside, but also gets the house closer to nature.

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In this cleverly assimilated cottage, the front open area consists of combined kitchen, living and dining area; while the rearmost section includes kitchen, bathroom, a wood stove and several cabinets integrated into the oak wall. Utilizing every corner of the cottage smartly, the bedroom area that is receptive to the living room can be shut-off with the help of sliding panels.

Designed to bring maximum functionality in this narrow width cottage, the three-piece bathroom smartly split into three. A beautiful example of meticulous craftsmanship and functionality, the recreational house displays minimalism and establishes a dialogue between the architecture and its location.

Recreation House

Recreation house is a simple garden cottage nestled in the rural area of Utrecht

Recreation House

The house is imagined by architecture firm Zecc and interior designer Roel van Norel

Recreation House

The house features movable horizontal shutters that reveals all glass walls

Recreation House

The transparent front focuses on the open part of the landscape

Recreation House

Narrow-width cottage is a cleverly integrated house and there is small mezzanine floor above the sleeping area

Recreation House

The bedroom open to living area can be closed with the sliding panels

Recreation House

The front section is used as a kitchen / living / dining room and the rearmost area includes sleeping room

Recreation House

Diagram of Recreation House

Recreation House

The recreation house establishes dialogue between the building and location

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