Falling Brick Coffee Table

Falling Brick Coffee Table inspired by Minecraft video game

The Falling Brick Coffee Table by furniture designer Kyle Toth, founder of Wood by Toth, is the perfect way to add delusory touch to your living room. Giving the illusion of falling bricks, this table is designed to add sophistication and class to a contemporary room.

Design and Inspiration

To create this breathtaking piece of furniture, Toth was inspired by the game Minecraft, which is based on placing blocks and going on adventures. The minimalist tabletop  features blocked patterns with end grain. One end of the table gives the illusion that the bricks are dropping off the top surface, whereas the other end is supported by a plexiglass leg to make it appear like it’s floating in the air.


Measuring 16-inches tall, 39-inches long, and 16-inches wide, the coffee table is made out of white oak and black veneer. The interesting feature of the table is, of course, the “falling brick” layout. However, the bricks carved with the designer’s signature leopard print design make the table even more impressive.


You can get your hands on this whimsical furniture piece for $1,950. The leopard printed falling bricks will definitely catch people’s attention. The mind-bending design of the coffee table will be admired by your guests at your next get-together.

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