Pet Love Fence Bubble Window for Dogs

Pet Love Fence Bubble Window for Dogs to Peek Clearly

Dogs are curious babies and they want to know what’s happening on the other side of the fence. You can’t keep them confined behind the fence, therefore, make a window for your pet. The best way to allow your dog to safely satisfy his curiosity and not destroy the garden fence, take home the Bubble Window by Love Pet-J. The easy to install (instruction manual included) and easy clean window will become your dog’s best friend in your absence.

Dog tend to chew or break little peep holes at the bottom of the wood gate or yard fence in order to look through. The meticulously made Bubble Window will prevent the dog from doing so since she will now have a perfectly clear vision of the street outside.

Bubble Window is 9. 5-inch in diameter and 5-inch deep and is made from durable acrylic. The dome window has a stainless steel trim ring and is fixed to a wooden frame of the door or fence with eight nuts and bolts. 

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