Zach Both mobile home

Filmmaker Zach Both transforms Chevy cargo van into a mobile studio

Zach Both, a young filmmaker who quit his desk job for travelling, has creatively transformed an old Chevy cargo van into a mobile studio-cum-living space. For past couple of years, the young chap has been travelling across the country and collaborating with local artists to shoot short films.

According to Both, film-making by nature is a nomadic pursuit and requires constant migration to different locations in chase for story. This is where the young filmmaker drew his inspiration and what could have been better than a mobile solar-powered home. So, to pursue his dream, Both transformed his white 2003 Chevrolet Express van bought from Craigslist into a contemporary mobile home that features solar panels and home theater system.

Receiving support from his father, the interiors of the van with Dwell-inspired design is made from re-purposed wood that was found in an old church. Apart from a comfortable bed, the van has a mobile WiFi, 50 qt fridge freezer, 2-burner stove, portable propane heater, and 5-gallon water jug.

To aspire others, Zach has also written an online manual which he calls “The Vanual.” A complete guide with steps for DIY van conversion. The online manual also talks about pros and cons of van life. So, if you are also thrilled with the ideal of living and travelling in a van, the online manual is the place to find answers to questions that are rising in your mind.

Zach Both mobile home

Interior of the van is made from re-purposed wood

Zach Both mobile home

Teh top of the roof is provided with two solar panels

Zach Both mobile home

The kitchen features a 50 qt fridge freezer and a 2-burner alcohol stove

Zach Both mobile home

It features a futon bed and L-shaped desk space

Zach Both mobile home

The project is a minimal and functional dwelling on wheels

Zach Both mobile home

White 2003 Chevrolet Express van transformed into a solar-powered mobile home

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