FinalStraw Worlds First Collapsible Folding straw

World’s First Foldable Reusable Straw for the Planet Conscious

Single-use plastic straws are bad for the planet and that’s pretty much evident from the statistics. Almost 500 million plastic straws are thrown away daily in America alone, and that’s an eye-popping number. More than enough to disrupt aquatic life!

Although reusable straws come in bamboo or metal; the question is, are they practical enough? This Santa Fe startup doesn’t think so.

They have invented a practically usable straw. They call it FinalStraw, which is the world’s first foldable straw that can be fitted inside a small casing that doubles as a keychain. No bigger than a car key fob, the casing secures this steel straw when conveniently folded inside it. When you need to sip a drink, simply take it out and you’re good to go.

Having your own straw rules out any hygiene issues too. Also, the makers are smart enough to incorporate a tiny squeegee for keeping the straw clean after use.

This makes complete sense since aquatic pollution is rising at an alarming rate and several instances of plastic waste affecting marine life badly have been reported in the past.

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FinalStraw is up on Kickstarter for crowd-funding with a funding goal of $12,500 which has been well surpassed. The project has already amassed $654,129 (and counting) with 2o odd days to go.

For $20, the reusable straw seems a bit pricey but durability and the noble cause it supports justifies the cost.

The expected delivery date of the cool little straw is November 2018.

FinalStraw Worlds First Collapsible Folding straw

Image: Kickstarter

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