Fire Amidst The City with Nerone Wall-Mounted Bioethanol Fireplace

Recently, we covered Aurora fireplace by Flammengo that looks somewhat like a lounge chaise on our blog, and now we bring you another beautiful piece of wall-mounted fireplace that derives an inspiration from urban architecture. Designed by James Di Marco for Caleido, Nerone is a bioethanol fireplace that is a conversational piece of structure combining functionality and modern design.

The minimalistic design creates a strong relaxing ambience while resting on the wall of your living room. Resin coated carbon steel skyline divided by smokeless flames give an illusion of burning buildings once the fire is on. The small holes on the sheets look like small windows in buildings. This wall-mounted bioethanol fireplace is surely going to take center stage if you buy one, as it blends warmth and art in one.

Via: Gizmodo/TheFancy

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