Fire Extinguisher Bench

Fire Extinguisher Bench Adds Industrial Style to Your Home

If you’re looking for furniture that adds an industrial touch to your home, then you’re on the right page. We are going to acquaint you with extravagant Fire Extinguisher Bench, which serves as elegant home decor and practical furniture piece at the same time.

Although benches are mostly kept at the corners of indoor or outdoor spaces, this one will certainly be a cool centerpiece to any inviting area. Designed by Etsy artisan [mattjohnsondesigns], this exquisite bench is handmade with waste materials gathered from demolished houses, including two bronze fire extinguishers.

Reclaimed copper, mahogany, redwood, steel and bronze are beautifully shaped in the form of a sleek decorative seat. The seating area is made from redwood and mahogany, whereas two ends or armrests of the bench are crafted from wood, copper, and steel. Two fire extinguishers are stuck into both ends of this stylish furniture.

Measuring 63 x 29 x 15-inches, the bench will be a perfect addition to any contemporary living space. It can also be custom-made on request if you wish to design it with some other materials. However, to purchase you need to spend a huge amount, as it’s available on Etsy for a whopping $4,200.

Fire Extinguisher Bench

Seating area made from redwood and mahogany

Fire Extinguisher Bench

Two fire extinguishers stuck to both the ends of this stylish furniture

Fire Extinguisher Bench

Handmade from waste materials of demolished houses


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