Fire Sense patio heater

Fire Sense Patio Heater

Made from sturdy metal with a durable powder-coat finish, propane-fueled Fire Sense patio heater is capable of producing 46,000 BTUs of heat. It can heat up to an 18-feet diameter area and withstand the changing weather conditions. Operating the Fire Sense patio heater couldn’t be simpler. You just have to open the valve on the propane tank as you would for an outdoor grill, push the igniter button to start the heat and adjust the output with a rotary knob.

The Fire Sense patio heater stands over seven-feet tall, so the heating element is kept away from children and pets. However, the aluminum shield atop the heater directs the heat down to where you’re standing or sitting.

It can throw heat over a large area, making it convenient to use a patio or other outdoor room or balcony during winter months. The best part is that it doesn’t require electricity to start or to operate. You can place it anywhere outside without a pug or an extension cord and enjoy the perfect cozy atmosphere.

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