Firebox’s Hang-Up light to not to disturb your partner in morning

Firebox offers Hang-Up light to avoid disturbing your partner in the morning

London-based retail company Firebox offers a glorious range of products for all kinds of people around the world. The Eleven Bleeding Nose Candle and fruit-inspired poufs are some of the greatest offerings from Firebox. From affordable gifts to daily-use products, you can find a lot of unusual things here. If you are one of those who wakes up early in the morning to get ready for office, and are frustrated of getting dressed in the dark. Just because you dare not switch the lights on with the fear of waking up of your life partner, then Hang-Up light might be a great solution for you. It is a hanger-shaped light that emits a soft white glow to solve this common morning issue.

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The Hang-Up light provides illumination that’s enough to help you dress up, while being dim enough not to wake your partner. It can be hung like a standard coat hanger, and can be turned on with the push of a button. There are two separate sections that light up to illuminate your daily morning routine. Remaining parts of the hanger-shaped light are finished in metallic colors for a beautiful industrial appearance.

If you want to keep the habit of waking up early in the morning without disturbing your better half, then you can trust this hanging light with your eyes closed. It is available for purchase with a price tag of £23 (US$30) at Firebox.

Firebox’s Hang-Up light to not to disturb your partner in morning

Image: Firebox

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