First Alert Atom photoelectric fire and smoke alarm blends seamlessly into any interior

First Alert Atom smoke and fire alarm

Smoke and fire alarms have come a long way in style and functionality. In case you haven’t found a sleek and compact alarm coupled with advanced smoke entry features, which you can make part of your home décor instantly? Then, First Alert Atom is the smoke and fire alarm you’d been looking for. First Alert Atom’s micro design and unique features make it the finest protection equipment for your home. Only a fraction of size of any standard alarm, this photoelectric alarm embeds all necessary protective features you want to keep your home and family safe. Built in with an advanced some entry system coupled with photoelectric sensor, which detects all kinds of smoke and fire and is intelligent enough to reduce false alarms perpetuated by cooking etc. Measuring as little as 1.5 inches in diameter and weighing under two ounce, the First Alert Atom has loud 85dB siren, which is good to be head in largest of homes. Fitted with an LED which flashes rapidly along with the siren, the First Alert Atom alarm is available in various decorative finishes like, stainless steel, bronze and wood grain, which make it ideal for all home interiors.

First Alert Atom smoke and fire alarm

The $24.99 First Alert Atom can be installed on the wall or ceiling effortlessly using the smart clip system on its rear. Powered by a single 3-Volt lithium battery, the Atom alarm was adjudged one of the year’s VIPs, or Very Innovative Products by Good Housekeeping Research Institute Recognizes (consumer products evaluation laboratory).

Via: First Alert

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