Flare Pot by Lankeland

Flare is New Age Saucepan That Cooks Your Meal Faster Than Ever

We all know the benefits of a home-cooked meal; it is not only healthier than junk food but also saves extra dollars that we spend. Despite these benefits we often avoid cooking at home because it requires lot of time and efforts. To save your time, UK-based kitchenware manufacturer Lakeland teamed up with Dr. Thomas Povey, a rocket scientist from Oxford, to create the Flare Saucepan that heats 44-percent faster than other conventional pans, using FIN-X technology.

The aluminum saucepan comes with a stainless steel handle and tapered fins around its perimeter. These fins due to its FIN-X technology direct the heat from burning flames across the bottom of the pan and then up to its sides. This technology utilizes all energy that is usually wasted in conventional methods, thus saving 30-percent more energy.

Povey usually focuses on managing heat in jets and rockets, but his great knowledge in a small scale product this time has resulted in an impressive cooking technology that no one could have imagined before. Now, you can cook healthy food faster than ever at home, saving your time and money.

Besides a saucepan, the technology is also available in a wide range of Lakeland cooking utensils i.e. frying pan, stockpot, milk pot, etc.

You can purchase the Flare pans from the official website for price range varying between £49.99 and £84.99 (approx. US $85.41 and $145.20), according to variant sizes of these pans.

Flare Pot by Lankeland

Flare Pot by Lankeland

Flare Pot by Lankeland

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