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Flare Home Security System by BuddyGuard

Flare smart home security system cleverly tricks any intruder

Despite numerous smart home automation devices, the market is still scarce of an intelligent system that can manage all security tasks on its own. But with the launch of latest Flare smart home security system, Berlin-based BuddyGuard is aiming to solve the problem as it can easily self-manage all home safety-related tasks.

It appears like a tiny smoke-detector, but its features and functions that are more than expected. The device boasts 1080p camera, microphone, speaker and siren. Flare voice-activates, as soon as, the user leaves his/her home and keeps check on unwanted activities whenever you’re not around. If you forget to activate it, then it automatically senses your absence and activates on its own.

It is also installed with face recognition technology to notify you, in case someone unknown tries to break in. Another highlighting feature of the compact device is that on detecting suspicious activities it imitates typical household sounds through its loudspeaker. These mocking sounds will trick intruders, giving off impression as if someone is present inside the house.

Beside all that, the gadget is equipped with temperature sensor to detect any change in an environment and even an accelerometer to sense any tampering. It is both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy-enabled device to easily connect with your smartphone or tablet. Due to such easy connectivity, the system allows users to monitor their home activities when they’re away. Moreover, it immediately notifies you on sensing some unwanted activities within your home premises so that you can take appropriate actions.

This tiny home security device can be powered through a wall outlet or simply runs on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. After successfully completing Kickstarter campaign, Flare is finally launched commercially and can be preordered for €225 (approx. US $253).

Flare Home Security System by BuddyGuard

Flare imitates typical household sounds to fool burglars

Flare Home Security System by BuddyGuard

It can be wall-mounted or place on any side table

Via: Cnet

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