Flat pack lumber by Seoul-based studio PESI

Flat pack lumber table designed entirely with cardboards

Flat pack cardboard table is a great pick to bring convenience and style to home, especially for people who don’t want to spend lot of money on a traditional table. The idea of considering environment-friendly cardboard table is gaining popularity from the last decade. This is the reason many furniture designer companies are conducting experiments and coming up with new exceptional table designs.

Recently, the Seoul-based studio PESI has designed a small Lumber table using planks of cardboard that looks similar to real wood. The Lumber table was one of the winners of the ein&zwanzig competition, exhibited annually at Milan design week.

The one thing everyone is appreciating about this side table is its design and the choice of colors. PESI used very bright and eye-catching colors such as blue, red, yellow, green and cardboard brown. The bright-colored table looks aesthetically beautiful when sited in a modern type interior.

The table is created to explore the potential of cardboard as a material for short-use furniture. It comes in a flat pack that can be easily assembled and disassembled for a smooth house move. You can yourself assemble the table reading the guide book with PVC rivets. They are eco friendly, so when you no longer need it you can dispose it off without harming the environment.

Ideally made for small vacation and picnic use, the 31cm long, 30cm wide, 32cm heighted and 0.85 kg weighted lumber table can be folded and packed in a small box, so you can carry it easily.

Cardboard Flat Pack Lumber Table

PESI used very bright and eye-catching colors to build the tables

Flat pack lumber tables’ upper view

Seoul-based studio PESI designed a Lumber table

Flat pack tables can be easily assembled and disassembled
Seoul-based studio PESI tables Flat pack lumber tables by Seoul-based studio PESI

Via: Behance

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