Flatmate wall shelf

‘Flatmates’ Wall Shelf Replicates an Elaborate Wooden Hanging Spider

Looking like an elaborate wooden spider flamboyantly hanging in the corner of a room, this is the ‘Flatmates’ wall shelf from OUCH Design Studio founder Maxime Poulet. This 8-meter long (in a linear scale) ‘monster’ was crafted as a showpiece furniture item for the famous Marseilles based hair salon Flatmates.

Now other than the visual element of the timber spider shelf, the wooden contraption also has something to do with the symbolic aura surrounding its unique form. In therefore has a bevy of shelves projecting out from the singular junction in the middle.

This novel design directly alludes the ‘curiosity cabinets’ of Renaissance Europe, where natural history specimens (like spider fossils) and relics were kept for scientific categorization. Furthermore, the usage of curved wood as the crucial component is an indirect tribute to the work of Finnish architect and designer Alvar Aalto.

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Adopting the core form of a furniture piece, these shelves emanate out in different directions with their own set of variable lengths. This, in turn, imparts a functional side to the whole conception. The multi-directional wall shelf helps in showcasing a myriad of hair related products, and that too without any degree of visual obstruction.

Also, the deftly contrived bearing also compliments the quaint 18th century home decor of the exalted hair salon room.

Flatmate wall shelf

Spider wall shelf

Spider shelf

Via: AIE-Design


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