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Flaunt your kitchen with Bugatti Individual artistic appliance collection

You can now get something really special to compliment your kitchen as renowned name in auto industry, i.e., Bugatti, has created an artistic kitchen appliance series. The inspiration for the series has been taken from different kind of lifestyles people choose for themselves. This is represented in every line of the series that has common appliances such as kettle, coffee maker Diva, blender, pot, and toaster but with Italian artists devoting much of their handcraft-skills, every line has been given an individualistic appeal.

To start with, the first line of these Bugatti Individual series has been given a rich-look with embedded warovski crystals on it. The coffee maker Diva is made with materials like silver and chrome base. Another limited edition coffee maker Diva has been crafted with 24 carat gold plating. To attract people with a much casual taste, a Denim Bugatti appliance series has been created which features great stitching patterns. One of the lines derives inspiration from Newspaper too. Still there is one more unique line of this series that has been crafted with rich leather stitched to perfection on exteriors of appliances. There is something for everyone in this Bugatti series. Hence, if you want to prepare yourself a tasty cup of coffee, then certainly you should not feel hesitant to shell out a heavy amount to own such an elegant and luxury unit of appliance.

Via: FT

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