FLERISE 16-Piece Furniture Moving Kit

Ladies often find it difficult to move furniture while cleaning or rearranging the house. Flerise however has delivered a solution in form of its 16-piece furniture moving kit. Useful in moving furniture over carpeted and hard floor surfaces, the kit comprises non-stick EVA gripper pad on plastic base.

The plastic sliders work equally on rugs, carpets, solid wood floor, laminate floor, and vinyl flooring. It is the most convenient way to move heavy and bulky furniture units including, tables, desks, TV stands, dining tables, sofas, beds, recliners, dressers and other objects.

Using it is very simple – just lift or tilt the object to be moved, place a furniture slider underneath its each leg bottom or corner and then simply push or pull the object. Once the furniture is moved, you can leave the sliders in place or remove them and stack them up in a provided container for later use.

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