Flip-Coffeecup chair by Daisuke Motogi flips to become a table

Daisuke Motogi Architecture absolutely famous for its exhibited shape-changing Flip furniture collection has added to its assortment a newly designed Flip-Coffeecup Chair that transforms in shape to become a table or a high-rise chair with low back. The new chair shaped like a coffee cup changes form when it is flipped. Made of lightweight urethane, the Flip-coffeecup is so light that it can even be flipped by a child. The Coffee cup-shaped chair when flipped alters form to become a higher chair with a low back. The flipped chair combined with another upright coffee cup chair forms a lovely coffee table.

The Flip-coffeecup is a perfect furniture unit for small apartments where space comes for a premium. A homeowner can pick a pair of these and keep them stacked up together in shape of a table, and once there’s crunch for seating space, the chairs can be spilt for extra seating. The awesome chair is the newest inclusion to Daisuke Motogi’s already existing Flip collection which includes Flip chair, Flip stool, Flip rocking chair, Flip-table, Flip-chair-kids and also the Flip-coffeecup now.

Via: PP/Mocoloco

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