Flip Out TV Wall mount

Flip Out TV Wall Mount Extends to Hide Your Flat-Screen TV

Over the years, home-oriented product designs have evolved to keep up with our slumber. A slew of cozy couches and voice-controlled appliances attend to this trend. Flip Out TV Wall mount adds to this lazy quotient, albeit with an innovative twist of its own. As we can see, the contraption poses as an innocuous wall frame during normal times. But when you are too tired to even tilt your head slightly for viewing the television on the TV stand, you can switch to the Flip Out.

How so, you’ll ask? Well, the wall-mounted frame is actually retractable, with a hidden space where you can keep your TV (only flat screened ones). So, when you want the ‘world’s most languid TV viewing angle’, you can just pull out the frame to effortlessly access the hidden television.

The best part about the Flip Out TV is actually those retractable arms. They are not only crucial for the working scope of the contraption but also helps in concealing that paraphernalia of wires and cords. The design additionally helps in the concealing effort, with special attention being given to hide the cables as they run down the wall.

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The ambit is however not just limited to the ease of installation. During most times of the day, the Flip Out deftly poses a part of your bedroom decor with its wall-mounted frame that can be bedecked with an image or an artwork.

This combined with its customized painting credentials certainly makes the design a worthy addition to your lazy geek fueled furnishings.

Pricing starts from $849 (for more details and information, check out this Amazon link).

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