Flying Christmas Tree

Flite Test Hits the Sky with Their Flying Christmas Tree

You may or may not believe that Santa Claus comes flying on his sleigh led by a fleet of reindeers during the festive season. But this year, technology in full holiday spirit to take over Santa’s business with a flying Christmas tree drone. Created by YouTube channel Flite Test (renowned for building drones) this time quadcopter Christmas tree is taking festive cheer to the skies.

The talented YouTubers have attached four propellers to their festive tree, decorated it with tinsel and baubles, and then launched it into the sky. This drone-powered Christmas tree may not be the fastest thing in around, but it will certainly top the Christmas list this time around.

If you have a drone, then even you can try and attach your Christmas tree on top of it. But make sure you practice piloting and balancing it before the Xmas eve, or you’ll end up spreading pine needles all over the place (in case it crashes).

Check out the video below to see how this flying Christmas tree works.

Via: Sploid

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