Float Sustainable Stool

Float sustainable stool keeps you active while sitting

In an effort to improve sitting posture and general health, the Float sustainable stool encourages you to stay active even while sitting. Designed by Niklas Hamann and Jakon Schwarz, both masters students at the HTW Dresden in Germany, the minimalist stool provides flexible and comfortable seating area that can shift smoothly to match your movements.

Urban offices with computer-led environment are the reason why people have to spend most of their time sitting down on a chair. Since sitting for prolonged periods of time can result in many health problems, so remaining active is essential. So, this ball bearing-mounted seat offers complete three-dimensional movement for utmost comfort and activity.

Frequent adjustments sitting as a key design makes the pelvic and abdominal muscles working even when you’re working in a steady position. Float is the result of the module ‘Sustainable Design Development’ in the first semester of the master studies ‘Product Design’ at HTW Dresden, Germany. Its structure is based on an innovative system with surprisingly low costs and less parts, including a circular seating surface and three minimal legs.

The seating area and legs are made from oak wood and assembled together using steel connectors. It reminds us of the Zami Life stool that is also designed to promote active sitting and align your body posture. However, both the pieces work on different principles and feature distinct designs.

Float pliable stool is a perfect piece of furniture for homes, offices, schools, and other commercial spaces. For now, there is no word on its pricing and availability. But you can check out the stunning furniture piece in the video given below.

Float Sustainable Stool

Parts of the stool are assembled using steel connectors

Float Sustainable Stool

Ball bearing-mounted seat offers complete three-dimensional movement

Via: DesignIndaba

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