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Floating bed that retracts back into the ceiling to save room space

Chinese have this uncanny knack of coming up with innovative ideas that no one would have ever pondered on. This time around it is a floating retractable ceiling bed, which is making us all wonder about what the possibilities could be aboard. Although the bed doesn’t magically float in mid-air as the name would suggest but it is hung using disguised wires. Even more interesting is the fact that the bed can be put out of sight when not needed as it retracts back into the ceiling through built-in mechanism by all stretch of imagination.

No details are yet there on how the bed manages to stay afloat with no visible wiring and the weight of the whole rig doesn’t force the thin wiring to collapse. My only concern at this point in time with the bed is that what if it doesn’t hold the whole weight and comes tumbling down? In fact Wang reassurance that he and his family have been using the bed for three months without any such incidence instills a sense of security. According to him the floating bed will soon be into mass production so you can dream of laying on one as soon it is out for purchase.

Via: UberGizmo/RocketNews24

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  1. Red23

    September 6, 2012 at 4:31 pm

    Nice. Falling out of bed has never looked so dangerous!


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