Floating Cloud Bluetooth speaker lights up and rotates in mid-air

Richard Clarkon Studio and Crealev have designed and built Making Weather, the Floating Cloud Bluetooth Speaker in shape of a puffy cloud. This cloud-shaped speaker is not only meant to play music, but it also lights up and rotates in mid-air, adding aesthetic charm to any room.

Each cloud is designed to look like a beautiful cumulus hovering over the horizon. It’s hand fluffed using polyester fibers and forms a picturesque cloud to bring a piece of nature into your home. Embedded within the densely-packed material, the Bluetooth speaker along with sound-reactive LED lights uses magnetic forces to rotate cottony cloud over its oval base.

The base incorporates a rechargeable lithium ion battery that powers the cloud when it’s plugged into a power outlet. While hovering, the floating cloud even bobs up and down, creating a legitimate atmosphere within your living space.

For now, it’s only a functional prototype, but in the future, it could be used in our living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens as an interactive decor piece and a unique speaker. So far, there’s no word on its availability, but it’s going to hit the market soon. Find more information at Crealev website.


Floating Cloud Bluetooth Speaker


It uses magnetic forces to rotate cottony cloud over its oval base


Hand fluffed using polyester fibers

Via: Highsnobiety

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