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Floating Snowflake Hotel

Floating Snowflake Hotel will offer views of celestial Northern Lights

Are you looking for a perfect spot that offers heavenly views of celestial Northern Lights? If yes, then you have to wait until 2017 as Dutch-based architectural firm Waterstudio has teamed up with Dutch Docklands. A firm that specializes in creating floating structures, to form a snowflake shaped hotel called Krystall within cold zone of Arctic ocean. The design is purposely in shape of a glass snowflake so that it blends perfectly with the surrounding region like an integral part of the landscape.

The floating crystal-like hotel constructed on a concrete foundation will be accessible only by a boat. It is expected to offer stability even on water with the help of its stabilizing system, which includes dampers and cables for its stable position on water. Moreover, it is an eco-friendly prefabricated structure that can be relocated (if the firm wants to change its location) without any negative impact on the environment.

The firm will start its construction work next year and is hoping to end it by 2017 for visitors to enjoy magnificent views of natural celestial lights while relaxing in their room. The rooftop of the hotel will be made entirely of glass offering view of the open sky. This luxurious hotel will include 86 guest rooms, conference rooms, one spa and wellness facilities for all visitors to stay comfortably.

The construction cost is likely to be 15 percent more than a regular building cost due to its floating foundation. It will be one of a kind architecture located within snow covered glaciers unlike Waterstudio’s previous amphibious home.

Floating Snowflake Hotel

Krystall Hotel in middle of heavenly view of Northern Lighting

Floating Snowflake Hotel

Krystall Hotel floating on cold water of Arctic Ocean

Via: Telegraph

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