Floppy Table by Neulant van Exel is as modern as it gets

We’ve long forgotten the floppy disks, even if we have any lying in some part of the house, we don’t care. But Berlin-based design duo of Neulant van Exel believes they can compel the modern home owners to adorn the floppy disk just again, by creating something as retromodern and as appealing as the Floppy Table. Measuring about 70cm in length, 65cm in width and 45cm high, the Floppy Table isn’t just an ordinary coffee table inspired by the floppy disk, but is a functional furniture unit featuring a sliding metal shutter, which slides to reveal a secret cabinet to store your portable electronics, remote control or magazines etc.

The enterprising design duo has made the Floppy Table out of hot-rolled steel and stainless steel, which adds solidity and extinct-media inspired table. Perfect coffee table for a geeky abode, the Floppy Table can be ordered through Neulant van Exel. There’s no word on the price as yet.

Via: Core77/HomeChunk

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