Fluens Loveseat

Fluens Loveseat Redefines the Concept of Furniture Design

The award-winning designers Andre Gurgel and Felipe Bezerra of Mula Preta Design Studio have created Fluens Loveseat, a beautiful chair supporting  asymmetrical aesthetics and sophisticated design that will add graceful touch to your interiors.

The designer duo that previously created Apito Bluetooth speakers – designed in shape of a whistle, loves to experiment with aesthetics and functionality, giving you something new every time.  The nature-inspired Fluens Loveseat, smartly replicates the fluid shapes that are supported by a mathematical model developed with help of three-dimensional graphic design software.

The advance technology has helped Gurgel and Bezerra to generate curves and surfaces, helping in creating a chair that uses less material than traditional techniques. The 1800 x 700mm Loveseat is designed to create a flowing impression when looked from any side.

Available in black and white colors, Fluens Loveseat is a dynamic and comfortable chair that can be easily used as home and office furniture. Designed to be an integral part of your daily life, the chair will surely mark it presence due to its fluidity and impeccable detailing.

Fluens Loveseat

Nature-inspired Fluens Loveseat by Andre Gurgel and Felipe Bezerra of Mula Preta Design Studio

Fluens Loveseat

Comfortable chair replicating the fluid shapes

Fluens Loveseat

The seat generates a new shape when looked from a different angle

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