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lento smoke detector

Fly on the wall smoke alarm gels well with every interior

lento smoke detector 2

Although the only work of the smoke alarm is to detect any smoke and alert the homeowners by buzzing, but this useful appliance necessarily need not always appear dull and boring. How about an elegant looking smoke detector that not only does its job, but also blends with the aesthetics of the room. ‘Lento’ is one of such smoke detectors that appears like a giant fly stuck to the wall or the ceiling of the room. This subtle yet stylish smoke alarm is designed by Finnish designer Paola Suhonen and produced by Jalo Helsinki.

lento smoke detector 4

The good thing about ‘Lento’ is the installing, which takes only a few seconds and there is no requirement of any screws or power drill. It can be simply and easily stuck on to the ceiling by making use of 3M tape. The external casing of the giant insect is used as press switch that silences any false alarms and can also be used for testing the product’s performance. Thus, there is no need for any tiny buttons for all this. The product is available in different colors, so that you can pick one that goes well with the color theme of your room.

lento smoke detector 1

This elegant smoke detector is displayed at the ‘vous voulez rire?’ show at site le Corbusier de firminy that questions if the design is taking itself too seriously. By exhibiting a range of products which are not only humorously showy, but also serve some purpose , the custodian of the show, Benjamin Girard proves that humor and aesthetics are equally important as all the other features of a daily used appliance.

lento smoke detector

lento smoke detector 3

Via: DesignBoom/My Design Stories

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