Foldable wooden laundry drying rack is easy to use and store

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If you’re tired of managing your complicated laundry drying racks and still not satisfied with them; then, here is a foldable wooden laundry drying rack to solve the problem. The rack is made from maple wood and plated steel, this drying rack is corrosion resistant. Makers have chosen not to use plastic as it tends to break after a while when kept for long duration in the sun. The rack has 12 smooth maple rods for easy loading and drying clothes.

It is quite easy to set up this clothes drying rack when needed. Size of the rack is 8-inches round and 27-inches tall when closed and it opens up to 52-inches round and 38-inches tall. You can fold this after its use and store it anywhere inside the cupboard or keep it outside as it would not consume much space.

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The top of this stand rotates easily and has 24 feet of hanging capacity. The rods are arranged in a circular manner which provide enough space for each cloth to air dry properly unlike other racks in which the rods are one above the other.

The laundry drying rack is stylish and durable with non-toxic finish. You can buy this easily manageable laundry drying rack online for $79.00.

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