Folding STEEL chair made from discarded wooden handles

Dutch designer Reinier de Jong has given a new life to the so-called ‘trash items’, which were once used to clean people’s homes and yards. He has designed and created amazing folding chairs dubbed ‘STEEL’ out of discarded wood handles from old brooms, spade, rakes shovels and/or other tools. STEEL is thus described as a modest chair reflecting the nature of the material it is made from – as the color and texture that the chair derives depends mainly on the tool and the type of wood used to make it. The mesmerizingly genius STEEL chair can be custom made for anyone, all you have to do is provide Reinier de Jong with the old wooden handles of brooms, spades, flagpoles etc and get a chair made for yourself.

The original hard earned texture of these old wooden handles can be seen on the unworked surfaces, as these wooden handle has been chiseled at the parts which come in contact with the user’s body while sitting on it. Clean wood is visible in these areas. Measuring almost 46 x 47 x 77/ 46 cm, the price of the custom made STEEL chair is available only on request.

Via: Core77

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  1. Michael Coline

    February 28, 2013 at 1:43 pm

    Great pictures, the chair looks awesome. Is is available online ? Or it’s only a projects?


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