Outdoor Swimming Pool Cover by Agor Engineering

Cover Swimming Pool Safely with Folding Floor

There’s no denying that having a swimming pool in the backyard is the best thing. But with all its goodness looms the question of safety, especially when you have kids running around the backyard. Agor Creative Engineering is a company that has taken it upon itself to design and manufacture customized mechanical swimming pool floors (covers) so that you don’t have to worry about safety at the pool anymore. Following the success of its movable and submersible floors for the swimming pool, Agor has now come up with the very creative folding floor.

The modern-looking folding wooden deck works as a normal pool cover to start with. It covers the pool completely making water underneath completely inaccessible. And then with the touch of a button, the deck slowly folds from the middle to reveal the clear pool for use. Agor custom builds the pool floors so the price for the folding deck varies according to the size of the pool.

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Interestingly, the folding floor uses a water-based hydraulic mechanism to fold in and out, and when working as a deck, it is capable of withstanding hundreds of kilograms per square meter. With the extra space over the pool, you can host all kinds of parties and outdoor activities without any worries.

Hit the jump to see the miracle swimming pool floor unfold in the video below.

Via: YouTube

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