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Food Freshness Card prevents produce from going bad

Fresh fruits and vegetables are considered to provide best nutrition for health, but in a rush for healthy lifestyle people always throw a few days old food items to ensure food security at homes. If this food waste starts coming from virtually every household in America, then a lot of money and energy wastage is certain. Nature’s Frequencies, a USA-based company re-imagined food saving scenario to create Food Freshness Card that keeps food fresher for longer period with unique combination of electromagnetic waves and frequencies. These waves slow down growth of fungi and other bacteria that decomposes food.

The company utilizes award-winning frequency and scalar wave technology for its innovative products, and their Food Freshness Card also prevents spoilage of vegetables, fruits, breads etc. with the holographic card. You just have to put this 6 x 6 inch card in vicinity of food items, like your fridge or under vegetable/fruit bowls to extend life of your food.

It is a laboratory-tested product that has been tried by several doctors and housewives. Their opinion about Food Freshness Card is fine, and they are finding it beneficial for optimizing their monthly budget because of less wasted food at homes.

If you also like its functionality and want to try it at home, then back it for a minimum of $39 at Indiegogo.

Keeps breads fresh for longer

Keeps breads fresh for longer

Extends life of vegetables and fruits

Extends life of vegetables and fruits

Food Freshness Card prevents produce from going bad_9

See the difference after using Food Freshness Card

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