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Foodini by Natural Machines

Foodini: 3D food printer lets you print edible cuisines for healthy living

Florida-based startup Natural Machines has created an innovative and new generation kitchen appliance that compels and contributes to healthy living. Dubbed as Foodini, the 3D food printer combines technology, food art and design to create both savory and sweet cuisines.

Described as a mini food manufacturing plant shrunk down to the size of an oven, Foodini is somewhat similar to a regular 3D printer. However, instead of printing with plastic it uses edible ingredients to create healthy cuisines and eliminating time-consuming parts of food preparation. Designed for both home and professional kitchens, it allow users to recover healthy habits by making homemade food.

Designed to hold up to five food capsules at a time, the print time per dish depends on the complexity and the number of ingredients used. Provided with built-in touch screen and integrated application, the oven-shaped printer connects with the online community to help users access various available content and recipes.

Meant to be connected to smart kitchen via Internet of Things (IoT), Foodini is a smart and social device that synchronizes with your smartphones to share recipes. The company also planning to release APIs, so that third party developers can customize recipe applications.

Currently completing the round of financing and mass production, the company is very much positive that Foodini will bring revolutionary change in kitchen appliances and will compel people to opt for healthy eating and living.

Foodini by Natural Machines

Working of Foodini 3D food printer

Foodini by Natural Machines

Classic-style reindeer cookies made using Foodini

Foodini by Natural Machines

Chocolate snowflake made by Foodini

Foodini by Natural Machines

Veggie burger sandwich completed with printed cheese

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