For £149, Sense sleep tracker goes on sale in Europe

In 2014, we featured ball-shaped, non-wearable sleep tracker called Sense on Homecrux. Created by London-based inventor James Proud, this smart sleep machine was seeking funds on Kickstarter back then. It has been one of the most successful Kickstarter projects of all time, and finally it is on sale for £149 (approx. $219) across Europe.

Here are few quick details about the smart sleep tracker. The sleeping system is designed to run on three main components: a spherical sensor, a small clip called ‘sleeping pill,’ and a six-axis accelerometer and gyroscope. The sensor can be kept on a stand near bedside table and the sleeping pill can be attached onto your pillow for sensing your movements while snoozing. Plus, the six-axis accelerometer and gyroscope keeps track on your turning or tossing during sleep.

Available with a mobile app (supporting Android/iOS devices), the device is able to provide the collected data to your smartphone the next morning. Besides keeping track of your sleeping habits, the device also monitors humidity, temperature and pollutant levels in your bedroom. Even an alarm system is fitted into the device to wake you up naturally every morning without annoying sounds of conventional alarm clocks.

This tiny smart device is going to change the way you sleep forever. Aiming to improve your sleep, the device is available in white and charcoal colors on Amazon.

Via: Nicoday

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