Formala by Cini&Nils

Formala LED lamp accents any interior with customizable illumination approach

Formala by Cini&Nils

When it comes to interior décor, lighting is the most important aspect to be considered. Although placement is important, but the type of illumination play a major role when considering the beautification of the interior space. You can find a variety of lighting fixtures on the shelves that can highlight your home décor. Flexible LED lighting strips are very popular these days. The versatility and flexibility of these lights, along with the ability to cut them to the desired size gives you the opportunity to use them in numerous ways. The Formala lamp being discussed here is a perfect example of this quite new flexible LED technology.

The Formala lamp is designed by Italian designer Luta Bettonica for the Milan based renowned company Cini&Nils. This Flexible LED lamp gives you the opportunity to create infinite shapes of light, like straight lines, curved, symmetric or asymmetric. You can accent your living room’s décor by creating a gorgeous pattern of light on the wall. The Formala LED lamp can be used to ornate any kind of interior design from domestic to commercial since this lighting idea has the purpose to provide a unique and customizable  approach to brighten up any interior space.

The Formala Flexible LED lamp is one of the 300 works is showcased at Vitra Design Museum in the ongoing Lightopia exhibition held in Italy.   Check out the video below to see the Formala in various shapes:

Via: Deconiche

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