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Italian garage turned into loft

Former garage transformed into a beautiful loft with classic shades

Italian garage turned into loft

Transforming an old garage into an apartment, an office, or a restaurant is not new to the world. People around the world try this to make an old garage useful. Likewise, an Italian architect Edoardo Petri, transformed a garage into a beautiful loft for his client in San Daniele de Friuli, Italy. Petri has done such an incredible work that one will never be able to figure out that the loft was once a normal garage.

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Petri has cleverly utilized the garage space, formed large windows to bring in the natural light and managed to connect home, patio and garden. It is designed in such a way that every room receives ample amount of light.

Italian garage turned into loft

The colors mainly used are basic black, white and brown, which are simply complementary to each other. The simple yet classic color combination has made it look more elegant. Furniture and collection of art for décor are also selected keeping in mind the color combination.

Italian garage turned into loft

Changing a garage into a whole new space is not easy but the architect has done a commendable job. He has transformed it into a space which looks like a comfortable apartment which everyone would like to own.

Garage Turned Loft

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