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Freescale's Radio Frequency Oven

Freescale’s Radio Frequency Oven is revolutionary take on microwave cooking

In the digital era, technology is evolving rapidly to make our lives smarter and more convenient. But, microwaves have not seen any riotous innovation since ages, until now. Freescale Semiconductor has come up with a revolutionary concept to upgrade microwave cooking with latest solid-state radio frequency (RF) technology.

Freescale’s Radio Frequency Oven uses radio frequency (RF) emitters, which are derived from similar technology that’s used for powering cellphone towers. Conventional microwave ovens incorporate magnetrons, which tend to leak some energy while cooking and often leads to uneven cooking.

On the other hand, the latest RF oven can rapidly bring food from raw or frozen state to cooked temperature and cooks it evenly. This is because the radio frequency oven can precisely control cooking cycles, location and level of energy without any intervention.

Furthermore, the RF emitters have a much longer lifespan (estimated 20 years) than that of magnetrons, which lose their potency in less than 500 hours of usage. Therefore, these innovative RF ovens seem to be much convenient and energy-efficient for 21st-century. However, company is still testing the concept and not sure about its official commercial launch, as for now.

Freescale's Radio Frequency Oven

RF oven can rapidly bring food from raw or frozen state to cooked temperature

Credit: Mashable

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