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Freezer-Wave Microwave by Colin Furze

Freezer-Wave microwave cools down food and beverages in seconds

The annual competition ‘Odd Invention Challenge’ is run by Oddka that provides platform to people from across the globe for showcasing their innovative creations on YouTube. For the competition, Emma Maskery from Peterborough has designed unique Freezer-Wave that not only functions as regular microwave oven, but also freezes your food and drinks- which are to be served cold. Maskery was crowned as winner in this year’s Odd Invention Challenge for her odd yet practical entry.

YouTube star Colin Furze (who was also a judge of the competition) has brilliantly created the prototype microwave that is also known as Instant Freezing Microwave, depicting its competence. The microwave is installed with two carbon dioxide canisters at back of the microwave and connected to the Freeze switch. On flipping the switch you can use this appliance either for warming or cooling your desired food and beverages.

On flicking the switch to freezer mode, the actuator activates the canisters to release carbon dioxide into the region where you keep food and surrounds whatever is kept inside. Due to this process, anything kept inside the appliance begins to freeze within few seconds. It is a cool two-in-one device that’s serves both purposes with ease.

Recently, we acquainted you to another creation by Furze- the Karaoke Shower that was designed by Alex Clarry from London, who stood as runner up of the competition. Both the creations were absolutely worth winning due to their simplistic designs and more practical usage.

Head over here to see the video demonstrating how the Freezer-Wave works.

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