Very fresh and stylish Barrel Couch by Vladimir Kevreshan

Barrel Couch by Vladimir Kevreshan

At times we come across things that become a source of inspiration for us. Something similar happened with avid furniture designer Vladimir Kevreshan when he visited a factory. Tel Aviv-based designer Vladimir found huge pile of barrels that were to be converted into scrap metal on his visit to a factor. Instantly the designer wanted to use the barrels, and after consistent effort, Vladimir managed to create the Barrel Couch. Barrel Couch as the name suggests has barrels as the central focus of this aesthetic piece of furniture.

The barrels have been used to form the armrests of the couch. The barrels besides providing addition creativity and color to the couch also provide storage space for the user. The Barrel Couch uses wood for the base and back and have been attached with wonderful textural cushioning giving the couch a fresh and stylish look.

Barrel Couch by Vladimir Kevreshan Barrel Couch by Vladimir Kevreshan Barrel Couch by Vladimir Kevreshan

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