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From Placement to Combination: Basic Tips to Decorate Blank Walls at Home

When you have too many blank walls at home, space feels boring and unfinished. There are a variety of ways to fill up blank walls, including wallpapers, shelves, clock, lights, wall arts, photo frames, mirrors, wall tapestry, or you can even hang a piece of art made yourself. In spite of all the options, it is pretty challenging to find something that fits well on a particular blank wall.

It’s fine to have living room walls draped in wallpapers and paintings; however, if you are working at a wall in the kitchen, it’s better to go with shelves that make the space work-efficient. It is important to be creative with the arrangements since every room type is different and the wall you deck up should gel with the room’s requirement. 

Gallery walls are in trend these days (walls decorated with an assortment of photo frames) but if you like to change the look of a room repeatedly and effortlessly then you can even choose an accent wall (vividly colored, tilled or wallpapered wall). Whatever your choice, need or requirement, when it comes to filling blank walls at home, go with your gut feeling and showcase the things you want to. Just keep in mind the basic principles of placement and combination.

Keeping the basics in mind, we have listed below the basic tips that will help you spice up a blank wall at home.  

Take a Custom Approach

If you can’t find a piece of art that fits a specific living space, follow a custom approach and use two or more wall hangings that not only suit the area but also capture an important aspect of your personal style. You could recreate the favorite photos of your childhood or uncork your creativity by hosting a painting night for your interested friends.

Think outside the box as art doesn’t have to be pretty or even make sense to everyone. Showcase your life achievements or the collection of abstract wall decor pieces in a gallery-style arrangement. For example, parents and teachers can frame various drawings and doodles they’ve collected from their students. Another fantastic idea is to frame notes from your loved ones who have passed away. It is always good to explore your inner thoughts that make your space yours.

Be Sure with Placement 

Whether you’re using wall art or some decorative stickers, determining the proper place for it is important. The space above a fireplace is a good spot to show off a large painting, while a group of wall artworks will do best on a large blank wall.

Try different arrangements before putting the artworks to a wall. You can simply lay down every piece on the floor and then decide on the arrangement that suits the space. A basic rule is to use smaller pieces for narrow walls and larger wall art pieces for big walls. Hang all the pieces at eye level so that they are easy to admire.  

Also, remember to play around with shapes and sizes. A small circular wall frame next to a toll painted sign under a large charcoal drawing may not be something you’d see in a catalog, but it surely adds a unique essence to your space.

Mix Things Up

Blank walls are an invitation to get creative. Don’t confuse that you need a large painting or print to fill a wall as it can be done easily with washi tape or paper crafts also. It is always a great idea to use different decor items in contrast to each other. For example, showcase your paintings alongside mini shelves that display treasures you’ve collected throughout your life.

Also, use a couple of small mirrors. You can even create a statement wall by showcasing ticket stubs from your first date, cards that you’ve exchanged, and photos of you and your partner throughout the years.

Don’t Forget the Space in Front of a Wall

Don’t just think of the vertical space available on the wall; consider the space in front of it too. What can you do with the blank space in front of a wall to transform it into a multidimensional display? Adding hanging planters and candles will do, however, you also have to be sensible with furniture placement. Placing chairs and a side table in front of an art-filled wall acts as a frame for the space itself.

Those who prefer functionality over aesthetic or are working with a smaller space, go for storage units that fit with the décor and add purpose to the space, such as a cabinet with drawers or a storage ottoman.

Fill Gaps with Mirrors

Mirrors are ideal to visually expand any space. They are especially useful for decorating oddly shaped walls or when you lack inspiration. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing you to choose the suitable one very easily. You can place them amidst wall art pieces and create a captivating gallery wall by yourself.

Again, don’t stick to the wall itself and make use of the floor space as well. An oversized, ornately framed mirror would look perfect when leaned against a wall rather than being hanged on a wall. Be sure to look at the mirror from all angles to observe the things it reflects.

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