Frontier Plus Woodburning Stove

Frontier Plus woodburning stove keeps you warm on-the-go

Winter season is slowly approaching, which means that camping is going to get really cold. So instead of building outside fire, why don’t you bring some heat inside your cold tent? Well, UK-based outdoors company Anevay has created the latest Frontier Plus woodburning stove to keep you and your camping companions warm during a cold night.

The Frontier Plus boasts glass window, removable top plate and carry handle that helps in easy relocation from one place to another. Moreover, you can even place couple of pans at once on its flat surface for cooking. Weighing just 16.96 kg, the Frontier Plus is definitely more compact and lightweight than average wood-burning stoves.

There are three lockable folding legs that support the stove, and when folded it measures 18 x 11 x 9-inches. Thus, makes the transportation to any desired camping location quite easy. In addition, the camp stove come with 5-feet long flue that pushes smoke up and out of your tent. This flue can also be disassembled and stored inside the stove for easier conveyance.

Furthermore, all smoke can vent out of your shelter due to the flue, so you don’t have to inhale suffocating fumes even when the stove is inside your tent. Not only tents, but this portable stove can also be safely used in tiny houses, vans, etc. This rustic camping equipment is literally a modern take on classic utility, which was used in traditional homes for warming up the inner environment.

Frontier Plus stove is currently seeking funds on Kickstarter for initial amount of about £50,000 (approx. US $ 75,870). A pledge of £299 (roughly US$461) will help you reserve one unit with flue. On the other hand, a special Nepal edition stove is available for £350 ($540) pledge point, along with an added promise from Anevay to install an identical unit to a home or shelter in Nepal. However, shipping of this hand woodburning stove is estimated to begin sometime in February 2016.

Frontier Plus Woodburning Stove

You need to open its front window for loading log pieces into the burner

Frontier Plus Woodburning Stove

The long flue can be disassembled and stored inside the stove for easy transportation

Frontier Plus Woodburning Stove

Couple of pans at once can be placed on its flat surface for cooking

Frontier Plus Woodburning Stove

It is a perfect camp stove that can even be kept within your tent

Frontier Plus Woodburning Stove

Portable stove is easy-to-carry, as it can be folded during transportation

Via: Kickstarter

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