Rad Dog Pocket Bowl

Fuel up your dog on-the-go with foldable Rad Dog pocket bowl

Do you take your pup with you to adventures into the wild? It’s indeed the best company, but the problem lies when you have to quench your panting dog’s thirst. Sharing water with fido using you hydration belt bottle is not a good idea- as it’s perfect for keeping you hydrated but cannot work the same way for your lovable pooch.

Here, enters a collapsible pocket bowl by Bellingham-based company Rad Dog. It is a waterproof food and water serving bowl that can fold into the size of a camera battery. Plus, it offers a great solution to fuel up your tired dog on-the-go. It is made from waterproof nylon and packs very small that it easily fits into the key pocket of running, hiking or beach shorts. It can even be carried along with you in your purse, backpack, or any other small kit.

Now, forget those bulky dog dishes that add up extra weight to your rucksack, this foldable pocket bowl is the ultimate solution for pet lovers to travel light and keep their four-legged friend hydrated while traveling or hiking. It can hold 16-ounces of food or water, without any leakage. This means your dog can enjoy a good share of meal and water anywhere, anytime.

Available in red and black colors, the collapsible Rad Dog pocket bowl is priced at $12. But if you want to order a running bottle with the pocket bowl, then it will cost you $30. It is indeed a must-have accessory for any dog lover and traveler who love the company of their furry friends in wilderness.

Rad Dog Pocket Bowl

The pocket bowl into the size of a camera battery

Rad Dog Pocket Bowl

It can easily fit into the pocket of your trousers or shorts

Via: GearJunkie

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