Fujiyama Beer Glass

Fujiyama Beer Glass resembles volcanic peak of snow-capped Mount Fuji

Fujiyama Beer Glass

We have seen many Mount Fuji-themed merchandise over the years, but Fujiyama Beer Glass is something different. It is not only inspired by the famous snow-capped Mount Fuji in Japan but the glass truly lives up to its name when beer with frothy top is poured into it, which perfectly resembles the snow-capped Fuji Mountain. The artistic shape of this glass is created by Keita Suzuki for Sugahara Glassworks, a company well known for creating handmade glassware.

Fujiyama Beer Glass

The glass measures 3.5 x 2.2 x 3.1-inches and weighs about 4.9 ounces, allowing it to hold sufficient amount of beverage that you can enjoy while relaxing on a couch. It is slightly tapered towards its rim and has a broad base, giving it an identical shape of a volcanic peak of the Mt. Fuji. The tapered rim also helps to enhance aroma to intensify flavors of your favorite beverage thus, taking beer-drinking to the next level.

Fujiyama Beer Glass

Fujiyama Beer Glass comes in an elegant pack of Manabu-designed solid Paulownia wood box, which is usually used to store Japanese tea cups. The stylish wooden box adds a charm to artistic design of the glass and can be reused to store other small items as well.

Fujiyama Beer Glass

You can purchase this simple yet elegant Fujiyama Beer Glass online for $100, which is totally worth spending for such an exquisite design.

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